Your home is the true embodiment of your tastes and your lifestyle. It’s a space where you can completely embrace who you are as an individual. Planning out the interior of a home is an extremely intimate process which involves more than just the use of software and our design expertise.

When you give us the responsibility to design interiors for your house, we keep in mind the things that make you tick. We engage with our clients by involving them wholly into the conceptualizing process. By carefully understanding your wants and your needs, we make sure that we live up to our promise of delivering a personalized, aesthetically appealing, and practical home that you’ll enjoy living in.

We thoughtfully select color palettes and textures, keeping in mind every single wall in every single room, and furnish the space with the things that add character and class to your dwelling.

As one of the leading residential interior designers in Bangalore, quality is our highest priority. With our end-to-end interior design services, we ensure quality at every step. We’ve tied up with the most trusted names in the industry to provide you with the best materials and manpower.

Our interior design experts, thoroughly understand the personal tastes and likes of the clients and transform them into amazing interior design solutions



We concentrate on creating spaces that bring a smile to your face and are simply fantastic. We focus on home renovation services in Bangalore of an existing space and a team of highly skilled and experienced designers that are expert within the field of interiors. Our experts have the power to rework the client’s vision into reality and to supply the products that are beyond expectations. Our company contains a wide circle of architects and interior designers that are highly skilled within the construction of economic moreover as residential interior spaces both practically and aesthetically.



The wisest option will be to leave such intricate works in the hands of an expert. We provide the best painting service in Bangalore. If you’re looking for painters near you make a call or request at with us.



Our service is specialized in interior wall painting, exterior building painting, wall textures, wood polish, metal surface painting, artistic wall design painting, waterproofing solutions etc, a complete paint solutions for your home. We undertake both residential painting and commercial painting in Bangalore.

Our work experience in one of the reputed painting manufacturing company, we are proud to boast of our expertise in the paint service industry. Our team comprises of dedicated full time paint professionals to provide you the best paint finish and customer experience.

Feel confident in your selection by seeing your favorite floors in the homes of people who live on and love them everyday.



The truth is, many homeowners prefer the stunning look of solid floors. However, their lifestyle may be so active and busy that they are unable to commit to such a flooring, and that’s where laminate steps up to the plate. Offering a true wood-look that’s realistically authentic, this material can give you the refined look you want, with many benefits that help make your life so much easier. That’s a combination that’s worth looking into, right?


Plumbing repairs in your home or business do not have to drain your wallet or leave you inconvenienced for days. 

Leo designers equips our highly-trained plumbing technicians with a van filled with thousands of parts and tools, so your plumber will be able to handle 90% of your problems in a single visit—no return trips, no rescheduling, no extra time or money.


With transparent pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s a reason our customers are never worried! We offer a full range of plumbing services, including installation, repair, or replacement.


We leo designers offer professional and dependable electrical services in all over Bangalore.



Leo designers is a full-service electrical contractor offering a wide variety of services ranging from residential service upgrades to commercial ground up buildouts and industrial full gut renovations. Our highly trained licensed electricians are equipped to handle all of your electrical repairs and installations in a safe and timely manner.


Leo designers is fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured you will only receive the highest quality electrical services. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for trusted and reliable electric contractor that guarantees their work, give us a call today to lighten up your day


The value of professional design, development and Installation.


Many of today’s work requires specialized tools for the perfect installation. Cutting, molding, spacing, and finishing these products can also take a great deal of experience. With all that can go wrong, the bottom line is that it makes more sense to procure a professional team of installers instead of risking the coverages in your budget that are likely to occur if you attempt this project on your own.